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Jeff Kroeger

Jeff Kroeger is the Senior Vice President of Commercial Lines at World Insurance Associates LLC. He is also a restaurant insurance specialist and manages the Restaurant Insurance Division.
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How Can I Save on Beautician Insurance?

As is true with most types of insurance, beautician insurance policies’ premiums vary and there are ways to save when purchasing coverage. If you’re i...

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What Coverages Should My Videographer Insurance Include?

Videographer insurance policies, like many other commercial insurance policies, are normally comprised of multiple coverages that work together to pro...

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What Coverages Should I Consider When Purchasing Insurance for Court Reporters?

Court reporters are exposed to at least a few different risks, so most policies that offer insurance for court reporters offer several coverages that ...

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How Much Will a Liquor Bond Cost My Business?

Liquor bond rates are generally quite affordable, and they often make up only a small percentage of a business’ overhead. Rates do vary, though, and t...

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Does My New Establishment Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

Equipment breakdown coverage is an important protection that most dining and drinking establishments can benefit from, for what business wouldn’t want...

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What Can I Do to Reduce the Likelihood of Having a Fitness Instructor Insurance Claim?

Purchasing a fitness instructor insurance policy that offers robust protection against the risks that you’re exposed to while working with clients is ...

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What Sorts of Incidents Does Travel Agent Insurance Protect Me From?

Travel agent insurance policies normally come with multiple protections that can offer protection against a variety of claims. Exactly what your parti...

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When Beginning a Life Coaching Business, Whom Should I Talk With About Life Coach Insurance and Other Essentials?

Beginning a life coaching business is exciting, especially after you’ve landed and begun working with your initial clients. Before accepting clients, ...

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How Much Will Tutor Insurance Cost Me?

As is the case with most insurance policies, the premiums charged for tutor insurance policies are based on several factors and often vary. In most ca...

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Why Does My Business Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

Equipment breakdown coverage may help pay for covered repairs of equipment that malfunctions, and it sometimes also covers the cost of setting up temp...

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