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Jeff Kroeger

Jeff Kroeger is the Senior Vice President of Commercial Lines at World Insurance Associates LLC. He is also a restaurant insurance specialist and manages the Restaurant Insurance Division.
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When Should I Review My Establishment’s Bar Insurance Policy?

Bar and tavern owners should contact an insurance agent at some point in time during the opening or purchasing process. After insurance is purchased, ...

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What Coverages Should My Food Truck Insurance Policy Have?

Food trucks are exposed to a range of potential risks because they’re multi-faceted businesses. In order to mitigate many of the risks that food truck...

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What Liability Risks Does Grocery Store Insurance Offer Coverage For?

Grocery store insurance policies normally include multiple individual coverages that create a web of protection against potential liability risks. The...

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What Coverages Should I Check for When Getting My Business Commercial Property Insurance?

Whenever you purchase a new commercial property insurance policy for your business, you should carefully review all of its coverages with a knowledgea...

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What Specialized Coverages Should I Look for in My Establishment's Restaurant Insurance Policy?

Restaurant insurance policies frequently offer many protections. Some of these (e.g. commercial property coverage and general liability coverage) are ...

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Will My Brewery’s Microbrewery Insurance Cover a Festival on Location?

More and more microbreweries are incorporating on-site events into their growth and marketing strategies. Hosting events can be effective, but it also...

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How Can My Business Reduce Its Catering Insurance Premiums?

No business owner wants to spend more on overhead than is necessary, and that sentiment is especially true in the catering industry where competition ...

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How Would My Business’ Microbrewery Insurance Cover an Injury Claim?

Most microbrewery insurance policies have several different coverages that may pay costs associated with injuries that a brewery is held liable for. W...

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Does My Business Need Liquor Liability Insurance When Hosting a Company Party?

Many businesses host company parties periodically, and alcohol is served at some of these parties. If your business will be offering alcoholic beverag...

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What Do the Terms in My Business’ Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy Mean?

Unless you work in the insurance industry, your business’ commercial umbrella insurance policy likely contains at least a few terms that are foreign t...

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