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Jeff Kroeger

Jeff Kroeger is the Senior Vice President of Commercial Lines at World Insurance Associates LLC. He is also a restaurant insurance specialist and manages the Restaurant Insurance Division.
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What Sorts of Claims May Employment Practices Liability Insurance Shield My Business From?

Employment practices liability insurance generally protects businesses from a variety of potential employment-related liability issues. If your busine...

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Does My Pub Insurance Cover Customers’ Cell Phones That Are Given to Bartenders?

Bartenders and servers regularly receive requests to charge cell phones now, and establishments want to honor such requests so that customers don’t le...

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What Coverages Should My Tavern Insurance Include?

Taverns and similar establishments have a variety of insurance needs, and tavern insurance policies are often best-suited for meeting those needs. Whe...

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Will My Brewery’s Microbrewery Insurance Cover a Festival on Location?

More and more microbreweries are incorporating on-site events into their growth and marketing strategies. Hosting events can be effective, but it also...

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How Can My Business Reduce Its Catering Insurance Premiums?

No business owner wants to spend more on overhead than is necessary, and that sentiment is especially true in the catering industry where competition ...

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Why Is Insurance for Court Reporters Necessary If I’m Always Careful?

Insurance reporters are paid to provide accurate accounts of in-court proceedings, and most tend to be highly detailed and cautious individuals. Even ...

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What Sorts of Incidents May Liquor Liability Insurance Protect My Business Form?

Liquor liability insurance may provide protection against a variety of alcohol-related incidents that many other commercial insurance policies exclude...

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What Risks Can a Commercial Package Policy Protect My Business From?

The exact risks that a specific commercial package policy will protect your business from are determined by that specific policy’s terms, conditions a...

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Should My New York Eatery Have Restaurant Insurance with Off-Premises Coverage?

Restaurant insurance policies are typically written as package policies that include multiple insurance coverages, and the combination of coverages in...

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When Should I Review My Establishment’s Bar Insurance Policy?

Bar and tavern owners should contact an insurance agent at some point in time during the opening or purchasing process. After insurance is purchased, ...

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