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Jeff Kroeger

Jeff Kroeger is the Senior Vice President of Commercial Lines at World Insurance Associates LLC. He is also a restaurant insurance specialist and manages the Restaurant Insurance Division.
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Does My Gym Provide Adequate Fitness Instructor Insurance for Me?

Fitness instructors who offer individual and/or group training at gyms and health clubs sometimes have certain insurance protections through their clu...

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What Coverages Should I Look For When Purchasing Insurance for Interpreters and Translators?

Policies that provide insurance for interpreters and translators are typically written as package policies, which means they have multiple coverages t...

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Do I Need a Notary Public Surety Bond and Notary Insurance?

Although they’re frequently both offered by insurance companies, notary public surety bonds and notary insurance policies are different products even ...

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Why Is Insurance for Court Reporters Necessary If I’m Always Careful?

Insurance reporters are paid to provide accurate accounts of in-court proceedings, and most tend to be highly detailed and cautious individuals. Even ...

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What Sorts of Incidents May Liquor Liability Insurance Protect My Business Form?

Liquor liability insurance may provide protection against a variety of alcohol-related incidents that many other commercial insurance policies exclude...

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What Liability Coverages Should I Include in My Hairstylist Insurance Policy?

Hairdressers face a number of potential liability risks, so most policies that provide liability insurance for hairstylists come with several liabilit...

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As an Independent Travel Agent, Do I Need My Own Travel Agent Insurance Policy?

Many host agencies offer travel agent insurance to their partnering agents as either a required or an optional protection. Whether you should rely on ...

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Why Do I Need Life Coach Insurance When State Licensing Isn’t Required?

There’s generally no federal or state requirement for life coaches to be licensed, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be insured. If you work as a p...

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When Should I Talk with My Agent About Videographer Insurance?

Insurance agents are always available to help video professionals with their videographer insurance needs, but it’s certainly not necessary to convers...

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What Sorts of Claims May Employment Practices Liability Insurance Shield My Business From?

Employment practices liability insurance generally protects businesses from a variety of potential employment-related liability issues. If your busine...

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