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What Parts of My Condominium Do I Need Condo Insurance For?

If you own a condominium, you’re primarily responsible for insuring it. Which portions of your unit you need coverage for, however, depend on what pro...

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What Types of Personal Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Unexpected things have a way of happening. Sometimes they’re good, but other times they cause financial loss, personal injury or other harm. Personal ...

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How Much Home Insurance Is Enough?

The cost to rebuild your home is its replacement value. This can be very different from the estimated market value or actual purchase price. In most c...

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How Much Bodily Injury Insurance Should I Have?

Most states have minimum bodily injury insurance requirements that auto insurance policies must meet, but these minimum requirements don’t always give...

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What is New Jersey’s Basic Car Insurance Policy?

New Jersey, like many states, has minimum levels of car insurance that drivers must carry. The state’s Basic Auto Insurance Policy meets these minimum...

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Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Home for Mold?

Mold is a prevalent, and potentially dangerous, threat to homeowners and their families. It’s found in many homes, and can grow in both older homes (w...

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