Pensio Tenants Rent Guarantee
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Worried about rent? Guarantee it with Pensio Tenants Rent Guarantee.

Operated by World Insurance Associates LLC


What exactly happens when I successfully enroll with Pensio Tenants?

Pensio Tenants will pay your rent required under your lease directly to your landlord if you have a legal and valid residential lease and have lost your job or are unable to work because of a disability and cannot pay the rent.

How long does Pensio Tenants pay rent to my Landlord?

When you complete your online Tenant Enrollment it is your option to customize your Pensio Tenants Rent Guarantee for a 3, 6 or 12-month term. The choice is yours!

How much do I pay for the Rent Guarantee?

Please use the calculator on the website to determine your Rent Guarantee fee. You will need to input your monthly rent amount and the Rent Guarantee term option. For example, if your rent is $1,000 and you choose a 3-month Rent Guarantee term option, your Rent Guarantee fee is $35 a month for the year.

How do I qualify for a Pensio Tenants Rent Guarantee?

Simply complete the online Tenant Enrollment enrollment. Make sure your read the Rent Guarantee Agreement PDF and Rent Guarantee Summary PDF before enrolling in the rent guarantee program and make sure you have a valid and legal lease agreement. The qualifications are simple and clearly outlined in the agreements. We also have options for enrolling large groups of tenants.

What happens if a co-tenant loses their job or becomes disabled and unable to work?

For legal co-tenants on the lease, Pensio Tenants will pay up to 50% of your rent to your Landlord. You can review this in the Rent Guarantee Summary.

When does rent get paid if I lose my job or become disabled and unable to work?

The Rent Guarantee term begins 60 days after enrollment in the Rent Guarantee program. You must have a valid and legal lease agreement. When you renew each year, the 60-day waiting period does not apply. 

If I make a Rent Guarantee claim on the 11th month, do you still pay my rent for the term I have chosen?

Yes. Any claim made in the 12-month period will be paid for the term you have chosen. Example: If you have lost your job on the 11th month, Pensio Tenants will pay the rent to your landlord for the following 3 months, or term you have chosen, even if you do not renew. 

What do I do if I lost my job or I’m unable to work because of a disability?

Making a claim is simple and quick. To file a claim online, go to, click on claims, and complete a claims form. You can also call a claims agent at 646-741-7300.  Make sure you have your documents ready before you start your claim.

Do you pay the Landlord the rent when there is a successful claim?

Yes. Pensio Tenants pays the landlord directly. You will be asked to provide your landlords information when you make your claim. Make sure you have your landlords full contact information.

Do I have to pay Pensio Tenants back if you pay my rent?

No. We have great news! The rent paid by Pensio Tenants to the landlord does not need to be paid back.

Can I quit my job and have my rent paid?

No. The Rent Guarantee only applies to those that have been terminated involuntarily by their employer.

If I cancel the program, do I still owe money to Pensio Tenants?

You can cancel your Rent Guarantee payment obligation by sending a notice to Pensio Tenants at When the notice is received, Pensio Tenants will cancel your Pensio Tenants Rent Guarantee and you will not be obligated to pay any further monthly payments up to the time of your notice to us.

What happens if I am late paying my monthly Rent Guarantee payment?

Pensio Tenants will send you a notice electronically to pay your late payment. You will have 30 days to pay the arrears. You will still be covered during this period. After the 30 days has elapsed, your Pensio Rent Guarantee will be cancelled. You will not be responsible for any further payments. You can enroll again as a new applicant, and the 60-day elimination period will apply again. We understand that you need to manage your budget, and we want to help, not hinder, you and your family.

Am I covered if there is a Pandemic?

In the event the federal, state, city, or county government has enacted stay in place orders, restricted public gatherings, closed non-essential businesses, suspended evictions, suspended payment of rent, or has declared a State of Emergency, during the period and for a period of fourteen (14) days thereafter the orders, restrictions, and suspensions have been canceled, the involuntary Job Loss Rent Guarantee is not applicable. The Disability and Partial Disability Rent Guarantee is not applicable if your illness was related directly or indirectly with the stated epidemic or pandemic.

What and Who is Pensio Tenants?

Pensio Tenants is a Rent Guarantee surety to pay the landlord rent if you lose your job or become disabled and unable to work. The Pensio Tenants Rent Guarantee is NOT insurance. The Pensio Tenants Rent Guarantee is a fully insured obligation to pay based on the terms of the Rent Guarantee Agreement. Pensio Tenants is a participating member of Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., a protected cell captive insurance company reinsured by reinsurers rated AM Best A or Better. Pensio Tenants is exclusively administered and operated by World Insurance Associates LLC, licensed insurance producers in all 50 states.

Who is eligible for Rent Guarantee?

See the Rent Guarantee Agreement for eligibility requirements.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

For questions or to speak with a professional, call 888-891-0015 or email

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